The Metal Injection Molding Advantage

Metal Injection Molding can significantly reduce time and cost every step of the way versus investment cast, die casting and conventional press and sinter.

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MIM technology can shorten product development cycles and eliminate secondary machining operations. With MIM, it is possible to completely eliminate several finishing steps.

Composite parts and parts requiring assembly or multiple steps to finish are excellent candidates for MIM.

The technology allows for molding intricate shapes precisely and economically.


Greater Design Freedom

With Metal Injection Molding, there are virtually no design restrictions or compromising. The part you want is the part you get!

Compared to alternate methods, Metal Injection Molding is versatile and non-restrictive, allowing for much greater design freedom and flexibility. MIM technology is particularly well suited for intricate shapes with a finished part weight of 100 grams or less.

However, production of larger parts (up to 453 grams) is possible depending upon the economics of your product.

High Density Finished Parts for Strength and Exacting Tolerances

Metal Injection Molding achieves densities up to 99.5%. Compared to other methods, MIM produces smoother surface finishes right from the mold cavity. Unlike conventional powder metallurgy, MIM components can be plated and heat-treated, just like wrought alloys

MIM parts also demonstrate hermetic integrity and can be used in high-vacuum applications.

Compared to press and sinter P/M, Metal Injection Molding produces higher density parts and allows for greater design freedom and flexibility.

Virtually any shape that can be produced by plastic injection molding can be produced in metal using MIM technology.

And, Injectamax has the technology and experience to produce parts in a wide selection of metal alloys:

Stainless Steel:






Alloy Steels

Tool Steels


Speciality Alloys:

F15 (Kovar)






Tungsten Copper